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Moments of Movement

I recently was intrigued by an article I read on PtontheNet written by Mr. John Berardi, a leading nutritionist, author, and presenter in the fitness industry.

He relayed his feeling of frustration about the constant inundation the media portrays of ‘quick fix’ diets and workout plans.  I mean, can we really get in shape in just 10 minutes a day?  Berardi, despite his angst, decided to take a whole new look at these quick fixes, and while applying fundamental principles made the complex simple for one client.

By instilling small, attainable goals for his ‘tester’ client he was able to help her achieve a larger goal of ‘maintained weight loss.’  His simple program looked like this:

Monday – 6 minutes of sprint intervals on the treadmill
Tuesday – 10 minutes of bodyweight circuit training
Thursday – 6 minutes of sprint intervals on the treadmill
Friday – 10 minutes of bodyweight circuit training
[That’s right, only 32 minutes of exercise per week.]
Her dietary strategies were equally simple:
Weeks 1 and 2
– eat normally, however eat each meal slowly and eat about 4 total meals each day
Weeks 3 and 4 – with each meal, eat protein, legumes, and veggies (while avoiding white carbs)
Weeks 5 and 6 – one day per week, eat whatever you want
Weeks 7 and 8 – if still included, skip fruit and calorie-containing drinks

Simple right?  That’s what I thought!

Which made me wonder if I have been overwhelming my own clients with too many to do’s in their workout programs. If not, then I say to you “maintain the course.”  If yes, then I apologize, and may I encourage you to instead look for “Moments of Movement.”

Let’s keep it simple.  Look for moments during your day to move. Move in your own way, and for as long as you have time to in each moment you choose.  Break up your moments, and allow the body to do what it likes to do.  These moments, collectively by the end of every week can help you get to your goal. 

For example, my client Mary spoke of one of her memorable moments of movement.  On a long car ride, across several states, and accompanied by two aunts who loved to move, found themselves playing “Auto Aerobics.”  This moment of movement was a game in which all the passengers in the car took turns coming up with an exercise/movement they could do with their arms.  After much laughter, many silly movements, and almost an hour of passed time, they found a moment of movement that they will never forget.

As with Mary’s example, let’s keep the complex simple, and just move!  And to all of my clients… I want you to worry about having fun and moving when, where, and how much you want… I’ll take care of the rest when I see you.

Until then… MOVE MORE!
Hayley Hollander

To see John Berardi’s article in full click the link:
Exploring Fitness Minimalism


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