Advanced Training Performance, LLC (ATP) was founded in November of 2006, with the vision of bringing “movement” back into the lives of their clients and taking the ‘work’ out of workout, making it fun and enjoyable again. ATP is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and offers in-home and outdoor personal training for individuals or groups, as well as corporate wellness training.  For those who prefer the traditional gym-setting, ATP also trains in all Las Vegas Athletic Club (LVAC) locations.  In addition to complete fitness evaluations, ATP trainers customize sessions based on its clients’ hours of availability, and busy
schedules often training as early as 5 am.
ATP team members are dedicated to helping their clients achieve their personal fitness goals for health, happiness, and overall athletic performance.  Each highly qualified and accredited trainer continually motivates, inspires, and encourages interests, hobbies, and passions.

ATP offers unmatched customer service, listens intently to clients’ needs and wants, and strives to stay ahead of the fitness trends through continuing education.

ATP offers training for EVERYONE! Our mission is to offer the most qualified personal training from team members of diverse backgrounds with professional experience second to none.


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