Cold Weather Training Tips

Have you ever noticed that as the weather changes and the temperature drops so does your training program? You work hard on your fitness goals during the warmer seasons of the year and when the cold weather hits, the fitness goals seem to head to the back seat and all the hard work starts to taper off. Just because the weather changes doesn’t mean your hard work in your training program has to change as well. Most people think they can’t stay warm or they just want to hibernate inside. Whether you want you train inside during the colder seasons or outside, it is possible. Success comes with consistency, dedication and hard work. Here are some tips on how you can still continue to be successful with your workouts even in the cold weather.

1. WATER. Make sure you are always drinking water regularly. It is much easier to get dehydrated in colder weather than it is in warmer weather. If you have to adjust your drinking water temperature so that it is easier for you to consume your H2O.

2. PLAN AHEAD. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. With colder temperatures in the air plan your workouts accordingly by packing your gym bag the night before and planning your meals for the week.

3. PROPER CLOTHING. When training in cold temperatures it is easy to over-dress which makes you sweat more and thus makes your clothes wet and body cold. Try to wear clothing that will wick moisture away and keep you warm and dry during your workouts rather than cotton, which will make your body cold when wet.

4. HATS. Make sure when you are training outside in cold weather you are keeping as much heat in your body. Heat escapes fast from your head so wearing a hat and keeping the heat in helps to avoid any illness.

5. KEEP YOUR FEET HAPPY. Even though the colder weather makes you want to layer socks on your feet don’t do it! Too many layers can cause your feet to sweat, which then leads to cold feet. Wearing a single pair of wicking socks will do the trick!

Now get out there and train and keep up the hard work.

Stay Healthy,

Casey Arnold

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