Flexibility: the ability to move joints in the needed range of motion demanded by the movement. This is a vital part of every day life. Flexibility is something that the majority of us take for granite. It’s something that most ignore because it is painful or ‘annoying’. The truth: we need flexibility in our bodies to not only alleviate pain and stiffness, but to increase performance in life.

There are different variables that add to poor flexibility. Flexibility comes in different selections. First there is the internal resistance of a joint that may limit movement and mobility of the joint. Next there can be muscle tissue that has been scarred due to an injury which then makes it less elastic. This then limits mobility. Lastly, there is the decreased range of motion throughout our joints and muscle tissue due to lack of proper stretching and warming up.

Flexibility can be gained and improved through different ways of moving your body. In order to improve one’s flexibility, you have to be patient and consistent with your stretching and exercise routines in order to get the most out of your time in the gym or wherever you choose to train. Making sure that you warm-up your joints and tissue through dynamic warm-ups and mobilizers help to increase your range of motion. The higher the temperature of your joints and tissues, the better range of motion you will have and be less likely to injure yourself. It is truly the small changes that make the biggest difference. Once you have warmed up then you are ready for your training session. It is just as important to cool down, or stretch, after your training session as it is before you train. Flexibility will not only increase your performance in your training session but also increase the flexibility throughout the joints in your body for overall health. This chain of events will allow for better performance not only in the gym, but also in life.



Foran, B. (2001). High Performance Sports Conditioning

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