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It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it. -Lou Holtz

Functional Training? Functionalist?

In the fitness industry, “IT” words can sell what ever it is that you want to market. One of the all time great words is “Core”. Another one that been thrown around for quite some time now is “Functional Training”. This week, I will discuss Functional Training, not to bash it or edify the term, but to simply explain it.

Functional Training:

To examine each part in an attempt to determine the role it plays in the operating of the system (body) as a whole. When any part fails, this creates a problem for the whole. These failures and/or dysfunctions upset the equilibrium of the system and could become a problem physically, emotionally, and mentally. This may negatively affect one’s behavior and lifestyle.

For the Fitness Professional, anything that impedes the body’s ability to achieve its goal is by definition “dysfunction”. The system will take care of itself as a whole first and will do so at he expense of its individual parts. It is this constant struggle between what the clients or we want (Extrinsic Goals) vs. what we or the clients needs (Intrinsic Goals), that could eventually put the health and fitness of everyone at risk.

To “Functionally Train” one must try to examine and understand how different postures, movements, behavior patterns and lifestyle choices affect the way we “Function”.



By. Harold A. Widdison and H.Richard Delany

Social Problems: Definitions, Theories, and Analysis

Chapter 1 from Annual Editions: Social Problems 10/11

37th. Edition by Finsterbusch 4

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