Facilitating a Learning Environment

One unique task that personal trainers have when designing programs and picking exercises for their clients is to find ways that allow the client to move within their bubble, with proper timing and rhythm.  Timing and Rhythym is a sticky thing, because its something that should happen naturally as the body learns the new movement.  Once the body knows what to expect and what to do, it starts to create a synchronized pattern of movement.  The challenging thing for the trainer is that we can’t ‘tell’ the body when, where, and how to move… WE MUST ASK IT.  When we allow the body to show us how it wants to move, we can learn so much more from the client, and it is in that moment that we can truly learn how to pick exercises that facilitate a “learning environment” for movement with proper rhythm and timing.  Rhythm and timing looks like the body is harmoniously moving without even thinking about it.

In this video, watch as ATP client Tracy, is learning how to lunge in different directions with rhythm and timing.  We utilize yoga blocks, in a stacking formation to facilitate a response of slowing down and getting a full range of motion… and even more important, ITS FUN!  The brain is thinking of the blocks, and the body is telling the brain where it wants to go with the blocks.  How cool is that?

How will you facilitate a learning environment for you and your clients?

Stay Healthy,

Hayley Hollander

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